Why would you prefer a woven baby sling?

A woven baby sling is much more than just a piece of fabric.

The word ‘woven’ says it all. This baby sling has a special weave. It might be a cross-cut weave or for example a jacquard weave. These specific weaves don’t create stretch in length or width, yet they do create a beautiful diagonal stretch and ensure a perfect fit for your baby.

These woven baby slings are extremely safe. Even if it has a small hole, it won’t tear immediately, in contrast with a normal piece of fabric. For this reason we strongly advise you not to create a baby sling out of a normal piece of fabric. In addition, normal fabric will cut in your shoulders or in your baby’s back of the knees. It doesn’t contribute to wearing comfort.

Material woven baby sling

Several materials can be used to weave a baby sling. For example 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton with bamboo, hemp, linen or wool. A cotton baby sling offers is comfortable and washable.

Offer woven baby slings

Woven baby slings are offered by various brands such as Pure Baby Love, Little Frog, Didymos, Hoppediz, Bykay, Yaro, Kokadi, Girasol, Artipoppe etc.

Each brand offers unique features. Sometimes the price difference is huge! Some baby slings cost €75,- others hundreds of euros. It doesn’t mean expensive baby slings are better than cheap baby slings. Price is not an indication for quality. Quality depends on other factors.

Quality of a woven baby sling

The quality of a woven baby sling depends on several factors, such as type of material and type of weave. In addition, density makes a difference as well.

Some brands offer a baby sling that first needs to be “worn in” as its fabric is very stiff in the beginning. Finally, these baby slings become flexible as well, but it takes some time. Other brands are simply made of a “normal piece of fabric” and don’t have that special baby sling weave.

Good or bad baby sling, the tying qualities of the person carrying the baby sling are important as well. A well-tied baby sling is much more comfortable than a badly tied baby sling.

Possibilities of a woven baby sling

The possibilities of a woven baby sling are endless. You can carry your child from his/her birth until he/she is a toddler. There are various ways to tie your baby sling. You can carry your child on your belly, hips or your back.

Why choosing a Pure Baby Love woven baby sling

The Pure Baby Love baby sling
  1. Has that special baby sling weave. This weave is extremely safe, as it won’t tear when there is a small hole in it. Of course we don’t recommend to continue carrying a broken baby sling.
  2. Is unique in the market. Nowhere else you will find such a soft baby sling. You don’t have to “wear in” this baby sling, as it is soft and comfortable from the beginning.
  3. Is very comfortable. The beautiful diagonal stretch ensures a perfect fit. The weight is divided and it is not heavy to carry your baby.
  4. Is made of 100% high-quality cotton, extremely friendly for the baby skin. The fabrics meet the OEKO-tex standard. It means all used fabrics are safe for babies. Chemical or animal substances are not used in the production process.
  5. Is washable. An important feature. You can wash it at 40 degrees and you can even put it in the dryer.
  6. Allows many different ties. In the beginning you will carry your baby on your belly, later on (soon) you can carry it on your hip. When your child is a bit older, you can carry it on your back. You can use it for a long period of time.
  7. Is very affordable. A Pure Baby Love baby sling is available from €75,-. It is one of the most affordable baby slings available on the market. It makes carrying accessible for a large group of parents.
  8. Is available in fashionable, trendy colours. It’s a nice accessory for you and your baby.

Would you like to see what colours Pure Baby Love offers? Click here for our woven baby slings.
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