Pure Baby Love Baby Carrier

Pure Baby Love specially developed baby carriers for you and your baby Taking into account the ideal fit, making the carrier fully adjustable, to fit all postures and all babies. All these features make the Pure Baby Love baby carriers a great comfortable products. The weight of your baby is equally devided when using the carrier, very suitable for home and outdoor use. 

Take a look what baby carrier fits you best

  • Cross & Go - €99,99
    The ideal value for money baby carrier, suitable for the smallest newborns. Can be used for front carrying and will fit as of size 44 up to size 74. The perfect carrier for the first year. Straps can be crossed at your back for optimal comfort.  
  • Click & Go baby - €139,99
    The full buckle baby carrier suitable from size 50 up to size 86. This carrier can be used for front and back carrying and can be used till your baby starts walking and beyond. A great comfortable and easy to use product suitable for many hours of babywearing fun. 
  • Click & Go toddler - €149,99
    Our toddler carrier is the next step in baby wearing and is suitable for slightly larger babies. This carrier is developed to use when the Click & Go baby and Cross & Go do not give the full support anymore. This very comfortable and durable baby carrier is suitable for kids with a size 74 up to size 104. 
  • Wrap & Go - €149,99
    A true favorit! This half buckle carrier needs to be clicked around the waist, the should straps ar made of soft and smooth fabric to give optimal support when tying them. Because the possibility to spread the fabric over your shoulder area, this carrier is very suitable for person who have sensitive shoulders neck and back. A true and great combination between a baby carrier and a baby wrap but with the convenience of a full buckle baby carrier. This half buckle crrier can bu used from size 50/56 up to size 92 and is suitable for front and back carriying. 
Please contact us in case you have any questions or would like to have any help, choosing your perfect carrier. Our babywearing consultant will answer all your questions and help you to make your choice.

Baby carrier - Cross & Go

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Carrier Baby - Click & Go

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Carrier Baby - Wrap & Go

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Carrier Toddler - Click & Go

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Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Pure Baby Love baby carriers are designed to be 100% ergonomic. What excactly is the definition of ergonomic? We explain ergonomic baby carriers as carriers which will give full support to your baby from knee to knee. You baby has the ergonimic leg spread also know the the M possition. The ergononmic leg spread will contribute to proper development of the hips. It is also very important you babies back can keep it's naturally curved position. The soft structure of our carriers will give this naturally curved position but also the support it needs. This because all our carriers are made of organic baby wrap fabrics.

Fully adjusable for your baby!

Our Pure Baby Love baby carriers are fully adjustable for you and your baby. The back panel can be adjusted in width and length so it can keep up with you babies growth. This feature makes sure you will always have the correct support.

Front & Back carrying with the Click & Go en Wrap & Go

Almost all our carriers are developed for front and back carrying, except for the Cross & Go.
We recommend back carrying with the Click and Wrap & Go when your little one can sit upright on it's own, this will happen around 9 months of age. Always wear your baby quite high so he or she can look over your shoulder.

Neck support 

Good neck support is very important for your baby. We have designed the sleeping hat to also give a good and firm support to your babies neck, by rolling it and secure it. You can also easily adjust the neck support at the inside of the back panel by pulling the little rope. The Cross & Go is designed with a soft support pillow to give the opimum support.

Please contact  us. if you have any questions about our great ergonomic baby carries.

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