Baby sling

A stretchy baby sling, a woven baby sling or a ring sling?

First of all you must decide how you wish to carry your baby. Do you prefer a stretchy baby sling, a woven baby sling or a ring sling?

Before you make a decision you must first know the differences and possibilities of all options. Below you will find extensive information.

Woven baby sling

A woven baby sling is suitable for newborn babies (day one) and toddlers. So, it can be used for a very long time.  A woven baby sling is strong and allows you to carry older kids, without feeling uncomfortable. There are numerous tying methods. You can carry your little one on either belly, hip or back. In our tying instructions we use a knot on your belly, which is suitable from day one. Tying a baby sling is easy to learn. It feels extremely comfortable and pleasant to carry your baby in a baby sling. After all, the weight is divided. In general, a woven baby wrap is more airy than a stretchy baby sling, as it only consists of 1 layer of fabric. A woven baby sling is recommended for premature / dysmature babies, as it offers great support. A woven baby sling is a durable choice, due to its long life length.

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Stretchy baby sling

A stretchy baby sling is used from day one to approx. 8-9 months. It allows you to carry your baby on your belly. As your baby gets heavier and heavier, it will become uncomfortable to carry it in a stretchy baby sling after 8-9 months. From that moment on many parents start using a woven baby sling, consisting of 3 layers of fabric, so relatively warm in summer. Stretchy baby slings are available in various thicknesses. We currently don’t sell stretchy baby slings (yet).

Ring sling

A ring sling is a short baby wrap with rings at one end. You carry your baby on your belly or hip. The weight is divided over your back and one shoulder. You can use it as long as you like. The ring sling is often used for short wearing moments, for example if you want to console your baby, in the supermarket etc.

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