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Baby Sling


Baby Sling Pure Baby Love

Would you like to carry your baby in a wonderful, ultra-soft woven baby sling or ring sling? Pure Baby Love is the right address!

Buying a baby sling

Have you decided to carry your little one? There are many suitable, available products, varying from stretchy or woven baby slings, to ring slings and baby carriers. Read more about the advantages and disadvantage of each single product.

The woven Pure Baby Love baby sling is ultra-soft and extremely user-friendly. It allows you to wear your baby on your belly, hip or back. You can use the Pure Baby Love baby sling from day one to approx. 3 years old. It is easy to learn how to tie a baby sling. In a ring sling you carry your little one on your hip. More information about tying a baby sling or ring sling, see the menu below!

Do you need help or do you have questions? You can chat with our baby wearing consultant or visit a baby wearing consultant in your neighbourhood.

Would you like to buy a baby sling? Check our webshop, one of our resellers or passionate  baby wearing consultants in your neighbourhood. 

Baby jumpsuit

We also offer lovely Baby Jumpsuits. The Pure Baby Love Jumpsuit is ultra-soft, made of 100% organic cotton. Baby Jumpsuits are available  in size 44 (premature) up to 68. The Baby Jumpsuit is extremely user-friendly. The big advantage of a baby jumpsuit? You don’t have to pull the jumpsuit over your baby’s head. Besides, changing diapers has never been so easy!

Premature baby

Pure Baby Love has developed special products for premature or dysmature babies as well. The Baby Jumpsuit is available in size 44 and is perfect for baby’s in an incubator. We also have developed special woven baby slings for premature babies

A Ring Sling is easy to use for quick carry moments.


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Baby Sling Dark Grey/Fuchsia Double


Baby sling Jade


Baby sling Jade

€ 74,99
Baby Sling Stretchy - available in 3 colors



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