Ring Sling

Ring Sling


Carry your baby in a ring sling! Quick, easy and safe!


Ring sling

A ring sling is made of the same ultra-soft fabric as our baby wraps: 100% cotton, ultra-soft, smooth and extremely user-friendly. The 2 mat silver rings perfectly match the colours of the slings. The ring sling fits every outfit.

When do you use the ring sling?

A ring sling is suitable for carrying babies (from day one) and toddlers.
A ring sling is a fast and comfortable wearing method to carry your baby/toddler. You can carry your baby/toddler either on belly or hip. As a ring sling has less fabric, it easily fits in your bag so you can use it along the way. 

For example you can use the sling in the supermarket to carry your baby close to you, not having to drag that heavy maxi cosi.

You can also use the sling in all kinds of other situations. For example, if your child is upset and you wish to console it comfortably, not having to tie the entire baby wrap.

You can use it to carry your toddler who alternates walking with wearing. In short: a ring sling is extremely versatile.


How to use a ring sling

It is pretty easy to learn how to use a ring sling. On our website you will find a nice instruction which, of course, is included in your order as well. Tool difficult? Contact a baby wearing consultant in your neighbourhood. She can teach you the tricks of the trade.

Would you like to buy a ring sling? Choose your favourite colour here!

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