using a baby sling

Using a baby sling

Pure Baby Love gives instructions to tie our woven baby sling. The basic tie to carry your baby on your belly, as from day one, is called the FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry). It is suitable for baby sling size 6 or 7. 

However, our wonderful woven baby slings allow more ties. You can carry your baby on your belly, back or hip. Some ties can only be used for older babies for safety reasons. On the internet you will find many instructions.

Although tying might seem difficult, practice makes perfect. Your baby might struggle a bit but don’t give up. Once you have tied the baby sling properly, almost all babies love it!

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Step 1

In the middle of your Pure Baby Love sling you will find a label. This is to mark the centre of the sling. Hold this part against your chest. The rest of the fabric goes under your arms to your back.



Step 2

Cross the Pure Baby Love sling on your back. The fabric under your right arm, needs to be pulled over your left shoulder to the front and vice versa. Try to cross the sling neatly so you can tighten the wrap correctly in the coming steps. You can prevent the sling becoming twisted by holding the upper edge, or top rail of the sling fabric. 



Step 3

The loose ends are now hanging over your shoulders in front of you. Hold your baby on your shoulder in the burp position. Guide babies legs into the horizontal part of the sling. Babies head needs to be under your chin, or close enough so you can kiss the top of his/her head. Pull the sling up over your childs back until it reaches the bottom of babies neck. Fold the excess of the horizontal wrap under babies bum, between you and baby to create a seat. Ensure the sling spreads from babies bum to the nape of his/her neck and from knee pit to knee pit. Your child will sit in a natural 'M' or frog postion with knees higher then his/her bum. Please note: There is no need to force babies legs, especially with a small baby, as this is a natural position. 



Step 4

Now it is time to tighten the sling around you and baby. For the up most safety and comfort, we recommend you tighten step by step. 

Firstly, on either shoulder pass, hold the top rail of the fabric (one closest to you) and pull to tighten the top rail of the fabric near your baby. Keeping this tension, gather more of the sling into your hand and pull to tighten. Do this all the way along the shoulder pass, keeping hold of the tension, until you feel the fabric tighten around your baby. Then repeat these steps with the opposite shoulder pass. 

Keeping the tension on both shoulder passes, bring them down to babies bum so that they sit in babies knee pits, cross the passes under babies bum and bring them under babies legs towards your back. Tie a secure double knot on your back. If you have fabric left you can also then bring it to the front again and knot here too. 



Step 5

The sling is knotted correctly when your child sits firmly against your body and it feels comfortable for you to wear.

See if you can give a kiss on the head of your child; if so the sling is tied at the correct height. For extra comfort and head support you can make a roll at the top of the sling by tucking a muslin into the fabric of the top rail, behind babies neck. This provides some head support for very little children.

Wearing your baby must be safe and comfortable for you both.

Take a look on our website for all safety recommendations! 



We wish you and your child a lot of wearing pleasure!

For safe babywearing, please read our safety instructions!

Attention: Pure Baby Love is not liable for damage and/or injury followed by incorrect use of the wrap, the use of a wrap with defects of the use of a wrap/carrier system manufactured by third parties (wrapconversions) 


Baby sling Pink

Baby sling Pink

Lovely, ultra-soft, ergonomic and beautiful woven sling, made of 100% cotton in wonderful Pink colour.


Baby sling Royal Blue

Baby sling Royal Blue

Last pieces! Lovely, ultra-soft, ergonomic and beautiful woven baby sling, made of 100% cotton in wonderful Pure Baby Royal Blue colour.



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