Safety instructions baby wrap and ringsling

Carrying your baby is extremely pleasant and comfortable, if you comply with the safety instructions. Below instructions contribute to a safe use of the Pure Baby Love baby wrap.

Don’t carry your baby in a lying (rocking) position, but in an upright position. S. carrying instructions.

Make sure you tight the baby wrap properly. Too much space means you still have to use your your hand to support your baby. Tie the baby wrap again, at kissing height.

Never fully cover you baby, keep its face free, so you can see your baby. Besides, it needs sufficient fresh air. There should be two-finger space between your baby’s chin and breast to allow proper breathing.

Don’t breast-feed your baby in a tied baby wrap, for safety reasons. You can breast-feed your baby discretely by wrapping the baby wrap around your baby (without tie).

Never go to bed with your baby in the baby wrap. You lose sight of your baby. You’d better put your baby in his or her own bed and remove the wrap from his or her bed.

Make sure the baby is in a comfortable position (“frog position”). A well-tied baby wrap is comfortable for both baby and parent. If you carry your baby with his/her face forward, his/her hips aren’t supported properly. Besides, your baby will be exposed to many stimuli. For this reason you should carry  your baby safely, towards you.

Always use a double flat knot and don’t untie the baby wrap with the baby sitting/lying still in it. When untying it is important to support your baby properly.

Don’t dress your baby too warm due to the risk of overheating. Your baby doesn’t need more clothes than you wear. If you carry the baby for instance outside under your coat, it doesn’t have to wear his/her own coat, at the most a shawl and hat. If your carry your baby over your coat on cold days, pay attention to the risk of undercooling. Especially hands and feet are susceptible to undercooling.  In summer you should not forget to use sun protection.

Your movements or your baby’s movements influence your balance. Be very careful if it is slippery outside.

If you bend or lean forward you might fall, so be careful.

Never use the baby wrap during sports activities (swimming, running, winter sport, riding, cycling, roller blading, skating etc.)

Never use the baby wrap in the car, make use of a safe and certified baby seat. If you carry your baby in a bus/train/subway, never walk while riding, wait until the vehicle stops.

It is not safe to use the baby wrap on your bike.

Don’t carry your baby on your belly or hip while you are cooking, ironing etc. Your baby might get burned.

If your baby wrap has been damaged and is not safe anymore, we strongly recommend you to never use it anymore.

In case you have doubts about a safe tying method, please feel free to contact a babywearing consultant. The babywearing consultant will teach you how to tie your baby wrap safely.

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