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Keep calm and carry them

Chelsea of Keep Calm and Carry Them is a true ‘baby wrap guru’. She has already tested many baby wraps and wrote various reviews. She has written a nice review for Pure Baby Love as well now! Click on this link to read it. 


Wrap you in love has posted a couple of wonderful photos of Pure Baby Love baby wrap on Social Media. Check this Website for more information and wonderful instructions.


Michelle (Cerca de mi, USA)

I had the privilege to test this wonderful mint green baby wrap and I must say: wow! Ultra soft straight from the beginning. I immediately thought it would be the best baby wrap I had ever used. The colour is wonderful. The cotton has never felt so soft.

I have a 2-year old daughter, who doesn’t want to be carried all day long anymore. However, if she is in a good mood, we can carry her for hours and hours. We used this baby wrap when we went shopping in the shopping mall. We started with a fast back tie at the parking place. It was easy to create a nice seat. It immediately felt safe and comfortable. After a while my daughter wanted to walk by herself. Later on we used a FWCC (belly tie), as it was almost time for a nap Again, it was easy to tie the baby wrap and tighten it. It felt wonderful.

I would definitely recommend this baby wrap to both unexperienced and experienced carriers. It is a versatile baby wrap. We love it!


Bojanne, Olivier's mum;
The baby wrap immediately felt ultra-soft. I love the neutral colour and the dark stitching. The label/brand is beautiful, serene. The baby wrap feels like satin. I compare this baby wrap with a bamboo baby wrap, lovely soft. However, the Pure Baby Love baby wrap is less smooth than the bamboo baby wrap which simplifies tying. I think it is a wonderful baby wrap for newborn babies, because it is ultra-soft and extremely user-friendly. Until today I had regretted my decision to sell the bamboo baby wrap, until I got the opportunity to test his one. Lovely soft! I would definitely purchase it!


Rosalie, Maurie’s mum, babywearing consultant

When I first touched the Pure Baby Love baby wrap I thought: Wow, what a lovely soft cuddle blanket to carry my baby. It felt so comfortable! Lovely in summer as well; on my skin. It is easy to tie this baby wrap. After 1,5 hours shopping and cycling both me and my little girl are still feeling comfortable.
I love the plain pastel colour of this Pure Baby Love baby wrap. It fits all outfits, in all seasons. These cuddle blankets are available in 3 pastel colours. I'm sure that one of them suits your little black dress perfectly :-). I was very honoured to test this baby wrap. At the end of the test I noticed some ‘sleepy dust’ as well….my daughter immediately fell asleep.

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