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Slings and carriers specially designed for you

Pure Baby Love designs and produces great baby slings and baby carriers especially for you and your baby!

In our assortment you will always find something that exactly suits you!
Do you go for a stretchy sling in which you can carry your child from birth till it's first year?
Or would you prefer a woven sling in which you can carry your child from birth till toddlerhood? There are many possibilities using a woven baby sling, on your stomach, hip or back?

Maybe a ring sling, for a quick moment wearing your baby or toddler?

Or are you going for the convenience of a beautiful, fully adjustable baby carrier which can be used from the start for front carrying and at a later stage for back carrying

It is no longer necessary to carry your child on your arm if your little one has the needs to be close to you, has cramps or reflux. This is really heavy and stressful for your arms, shoulders and neck.
It also is not necessary to keep trying having your infant to sleep in bed if your child finds it difficult to give in sleeping or just does little "haze"sleeps.
And how great will it be, if you and your infant can discover the world in a safe way and comfortable way and which also contributes to the development of your little one?

Carrying your child than is really something for you!

Pure Baby Love designed and developed with great passion, trendy and super soft baby slings and baby carriers. Perfect for newborns! So you can carry your child comfortably and safely with you. Our baby slings and baby carriers are super soft, are easy to use and are 100% safe. We have chosen for hip and trendy colors. Simplicity with a luxurious look.

Order your favorite baby sling or baby carrier now and start wearing right away so you can experience the benefits for yourself. If you can you use some help choosing what is best for you? Then please read our blog!

Pure Baby Love is recommended by (care) professionals and babywearing consultants.

The softest baby sling

Baby sling

The baby slings of our basic line are a real must-have for when you want to start babywearing. Our stretchy sling made of jersey; easy to use, comfortable and a perfect way to get started babywearing. You can carry your child on your stomach from straight birth till 1 year of age.

Our slings of the Essentials line are the originals. A beautiful woven baby sling in warm solid colors. The beautiful, stylish colors of this line are carefully selected. Beautiful soft pastel colors that suit you and your baby and of course matches the fashion colors of the season. The baby slings of our Essentials line are unique soft, you should experience it yourself. No where else will you find such a fine, easy to tie and super soft baby sling. The slings of this line are made of 100% cotton (OEKO tex certified) and can be used from birth until well into toddlerhood. A woven sling you can use for front, hip or back carrying.

Our Luxury line baby slings are beautiful woven wraps. The baby sling has a double face look. What means both sides have a different color. You can choose what color fits best with your outfit. These slings are supersoft and have a beautiful shiny look. We have provided the Luxury slings with a trendy line in the contrasting color. This makes you learn tying the wrap very easy. You know exactly which rail you need to tighten. A perfect baby sling for the starting babywearer. These great slings are made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS and OEKO-tex certified) and are suitable from birth until well into toddlerhood.

Tying a baby sling is very easy. Would you like to see how you it is done? Then please look here!

Ergonomic baby carrier

Baby Carrier 

An ergonomic baby carrier is a great way to easily carry your baby. The baby carriers from Pure Baby Love are 100% ergonomic. This means your child is optimally supported from knee to knee and the back of your little one is nicely fitted in the baby carrier.

Our Pure Baby Love baby carrier is fully adjustable for you and your baby!
You can easily adjust the backpanel to fit the length of your baby and let the carrier grow so it can be used till toddlerhood. Our baby carrier is equipped with all kinds of beautiful extra features. For example, it has the option of making a neck roll to support your child's neck nicely and the edges have additional padding to support the knees, this makes the carrier very comfortable for your little one.

The baby carrier can be fully adjusted to fit you in the most optimal way. This means that your posture does not matter for comfort. The shoulder straps fit nicely and the hip strap is also fully adjustable which makes it even more comfortable.

The Pure Baby Love baby carrier is made of 70% cotton and 30% bamboo. Bamboo is self-cleaning and UV-resistant. aditionally, the baby carrier is super soft, which makes it even more comfortable for your child to be carried in.

Our baby carrier is available in 2 sizes: The baby variant (from size 50 to size 86) and standard variant (from size 62 to size 92/98).

Ring Sling - easy and comfortable

Ring Sling 

The Pure Baby Love ring slings are made of the same fabric as our Essentials line. The ring sling comes standard with two rings. You use the ring sling for front carrying and hip carrying . The ring sling is designed to wear over one shoulder. Our ring slings are super soft and very nice and easy to use. A good grip ensures the fabric is easy to tighten and stays in place nicely.

A ring sling is the perfect carrier if you are looking for a fast and simple and way to carry your baby with you. For example, while shopping or comforting your child.

Often a ring sling is not the only babywearing product parents have at home, but an additional product. Easy to take with you, easy to use and always something to carry your little one in.

The finest jumpsuit for your little one


The Pure Baby Love Jumpsuits are great for your child! No hard edges and easy to put on without needing pulling over the head. Both legs are equipped with snaps so you can easily change your child. Great for sleeping, playing or just wearing.

Our jumpsuits are also available in size 44. Ideal for premature babies. The wires of the monitor can easily go through the poppers and it is an ideal first suit for a very little one.

Lot's of fun browsing through our E-shop and choosing your favourite product!

Please contact us in case there are any questions our certified babywearing consultant loves to help you!

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Essentials - woven sling

The baby slings of our essential line are our 'originals'. Super, super soft, easy to use, usable for your newborn and toddler and for front, hip and back carry. To the essentials

Pure Baby Love

The softest babywearing products!

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