ledikantdeken teal ledikantdeken wol
ledikantdeken teal ledikantdeken wol
Toddler blanket Wool - teal
This pure wool crib blanket is very nice for your baby.

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Woolen crib blanket
A wool crib blanket is super nice for your little one. Not too cold and not too warm quickly due to the beautiful insulating effect of wool. Although people quickly think of winter when they think of a wool blanket, it can actually be used in all seasons. Because when it is warmer, it lets the heat away without getting wet with sweat. When it is cold, it retains heat.

Pure New Wool

Pure New Wool means that only wool has been used in these fine blankets. No other additives, just pure wool. That makes it a wonderful blanket for your little one!

Crib blanket size

The wool crib blankets are 130 x 90 cm

Washing and maintenance of wool blankets

Wool has a self-cleaning ability. Airing it out in moist air, for example in the morning dew or even in winter in a small layer of snow, cleans the wool perfectly. But sometimes the blanket does get dirty. Then it can of course be thrown in the wash. Of course, on a cold wool wash program with a wool detergent. The wool washing program should not spin too hard and the temperature remains low. This keeps the blanket beautiful. A tip is the wool detergent from Pure Wool Love. You can order this immediately and it also contains lanolin as a nice base to keep your crib blanket beautiful. It is best not to wash the blankets too often.

Wool can suffer from lint or pills. That's why we're happy to give you some tips and advice!
People sometimes think that pills have to do with quality. But when pilling, the quality and type of wool do not matter. Pills are a natural phenomenon. Pilling is mainly caused by friction of the fabric. That is why we recommend using a sheet between the blanket and the baby. The fibers of the material wrap around each other, something that happens during both use and washing.

Even though pilling is a natural phenomenon and says nothing about the quality of the wool, you naturally want to prevent or remedy it. Never pull the balls off, as this will damage the blanket. We recommend shaving off these bumps. Matte a razor blade in one direction on a flat surface. After this the blanket is like new again. If you only have a few loose balls, carefully cut them off. There are also special wool combs for this. You also have lint thieves, a handy device that removes these loose pills for you.

Because pills also form during washing, it is important to always follow the washing instructions. And another tip, which may sound a bit crazy: a night of cold ensures that pills are prevented. So put your plaid in a resealable bag and put it in the freezer overnight. This reduces the risk of pills! Unfortunately, trying to prevent lint can never be guaranteed.

Wool can also sometimes shed fluff or hair. This is also a natural phenomenon. And the advantage here is, this will pass completely. It helps to knock out your blanket or hang it outside. This is often also due to friction and a static environment. A night in the freezer can prevent this.

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