Choose a wrap; stretchable or woven?

When you would like to purchase a baby wrap, you have two options, a stretchy wrap or a woven wrap.

A stretchable wrap is ergonomic and convenient from the moment your baby is born until it weighs about 10 kg. Then, wearing in a stretchable wrap, becomes often too heavy. One knot is possible with a stretchable wrap. Wearing in a stretchy wrap will become warm very soon, because there are 3 layers of fabric wrapped around the baby. Nice for a cold winter but not during summer.

Pure Baby Love has chosen not to include a stretchy wraps in the assortment for now. From our own experience, but also from the experiences of other parents who already wear longer, it turns out to have more value for money with a woven wrap. Because Pure Baby Love wants its customers receive good service with a beautiful, durable and user-friendly product we recommend to make a choice for one of our woven wraps.

A woven fabric is suitable from the moment your baby is born into toddlerhood. The wrap can be used a very long time. The fabric allows older children to be worn comfortable. This without being heavy for the parent. There are various knots possible. You can carry your baby on your front, hip or back. The knot in our instruction is for carrying on your belly, it is the knot that is used most and is suitable immediately after birth. Wearing in a woven wrap is generally lighter than in a stretchable wrap. Your child only needs to be tied in one layer of fabric.

If you have any questions about baby wraps or babywearing, please contact our babywearing consultant. You can leave a message via the chat on our website.

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Choose a size

We have decided to bring the most common wraps to our assortment.

A size 4 (3.70m) is being used by a more advanced babywearer to carry their baby on the hip or back. This wrap is compact and easy to take with you.  

A size 5 can be used by very small ladies with a size 36 eur or smaller for almost every knot. But if you have a bigger size, you can use this wrap to carry your child on your hip or back for example.

A size 6 or 7 is the most common wrap size and can be used for almost all knots. For a woven cloth our advice is; To a ladies size 44 eur / 14 US / 16 UK / 18 AUS and men's size 50 eur / 40 US / 40 UK / 40 AUS, you can actually make all knots with a size 6 (4.60m). Do you have a larger size, we recommend you choose a wrap in size 7 (5.20m).

We also offer a size 8 (6.00m) for using this in the pregnancy or for people who like to use more fabric.

The premature size has a smaller width then the regular wraps. This makes them perfect for this special group. 
If multiple people wear the baby wrap, for example father and mother, we advice you to choose the wrap that suits the largest  size.