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How do I determine the right size for a baby sling? You are sure! You have decided to carry your baby in a baby sling. It’s a start, but what size baby sling do you need? Woven baby sling There are two types of baby sling, stretchy baby slings and woven baby slings. For stretchy baby slings only one size is available, as it only allows one tie. A woven baby sling allows all kinds of ties. They require various lengths. Most sold size baby sling Size 6 is the most sold size 6. On average it is 4.60m long and allows common ties. However, your basic size depends on your own figure. Important: the baby sling shouldn’t be too short as it would limit your possibilities. Determine your basic size The bas ic size is the required size to make common ties such as the...

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Pure Baby Love & Quality Pure Baby Love stands for high quality, ultra-soft, safe, user-friendly, beautiful baby wraps. To guarantee these high demands it is important to cooperate with dedicated partners. We recently visited our product facilities to see for ourselves how baby wraps are made and what requirements they meet. We observed the entire, impressive production process from beginning to end and paid attention to the passionate employees manufacturing our baby wraps. The first step is to spin the cotton. Then, the thread is painted with baby-safe paint (in conformity with the OEKO-Tex norms). Then, the weaving process starts. The fabric must be safe to carry a baby. The fabric is checked for quality.   After weaving the fabric can be finished off. It won’t get a chemical treatment or...

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