From the first moment you know you are pregnant, you feel the love for your unborn child growing. Your baby develops to a small human being and feels save and connected in your belly. 

When your baby is born, you instantly feel the love for your baby. Besides the feeling of intense pure love there is a huge responsibility for the wellbeing of your infant. Your need is to protect and keep your baby as close as possible to you. There you can feel, smell and cuddle your baby as much as possible. This will make your newborn feel safe, familiar and connected.  

Unfortunately there are also parents who are not able to feel this blissful feeling of pure love instantly. Pure Baby Love baby wraps will contribute building the bond between parent and new born. A restless baby, a cry baby, a baby with reflux symptoms or allergies, premature babies, uncertainty among parents, (unsolicited) advice from the environment, unwanted pregnancy and so on, this sometimes is very difficult, but not impossible. The many benefits of wearing your baby will certainly contribute here.
Babies, toddlers and young children generally love to be worn close to their mother and or father. There are many benefits in wearing your baby or toddler with a good ergonomic wrap.

Wearing your baby stops skin hunger that your baby naturally has. Your little one spent 9 months safe and secure in your belly and being born is a great event. By using a wrap your child can enjoy that safe secure feeling again. Your heartbeat, your warmth and your voice will be enjoyed and will make your baby relaxed.

Wearing and cuddling your little miracle releases, in both parent and baby, the hormone oxytocin. This is also called the 'cuddle hormone'. This hormone contributes to the bond between parent and child and the feeling of happiness and joy. Note; your baby is also once more on "kissing-height"!

A wrap reduces environmental stimuli. Think of a party; As a parent you can still enjoy the coziness, while your baby is safe and secure sleeping close to you.

A baby wrap can replace a strawler or buggy or can be a nice addition. A wrap is easy to use in most situations and will not take a lot of space.
On the beach, bush walking, public transport or a busy city. Situations in which a buggy is not always practical, but a wrap though.

The big difference will be in price; for a beautiful buggy, you easily pay a couple of hundred Euro's, but for a pretty hip baby wrap you considerably pay less. With us you can already buy a wrap from € 75, -. (excluding shipping)

Research has shown that babies who are worn, cry less than babies who are not. If your baby cries (a lot), using a wrap can provide a fine consolation and tranquility.

While wearing your baby, you have your hands free. Household, work, doing the groceries, etc.. It is all possible if your baby is sitting or sleeping safe in the baby wrap. Always pay attention to SAFETY! See also our safety instructions.

Wearing your baby contributes to the physical development of your baby; to the development of the brains, the organ of balance and is positive for the development of the hips and back. Your baby is in a very natural frog posture (legs in M-position) in a good ergonomic baby wrap. Even for children with hip dysplasia it is sometimes -always after consulting your doctor- possible to be worn without spreader pants.

Using a baby wrap also contributes to a positive effect on digestion and circulation and can help with reflux symptoms and colic pain. Wearing your baby in a baby wrap is ergonomic for the wearer him-/herself. In case of any doubt about medical conditions always consult a doctor.

In case you are breastfeeding, you can use the cloth to feed discreetly. You can wrap the cloth loose around you. Because of safety, we do not recommend to feed the baby in a knotted baby wrap. Please read our safety instructions carefully.

Wearing is an ancient tradition in various cultures. Wearing is, next being practical, useful and nice also very hip and trendy. Where wearing previously was related to alternative and 'hippy', we think, it is just very hip!

If you have any questions about babywearing, please contact our babywearing consultant via the chat on our webpage.

"Happy wearing" to all parents!!