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Actually you are already carrying your baby during your pregnancy. Your baby feels safe, sheltered and connected in your uterus. The baby feels at ease when it hears your heartbeat.

Once the baby is finally born, it’s usually love at first sight. Parents immediately feel responsible for the well-being of their child. You wish to protect your baby and prefer to hold it close to your body so you can feel, smell and cuddle your little one. It makes your baby feel safe, sheltered and connected, outside your belly as well.

So, basically it feels pretty natural to carry your baby in a baby wrap. Your baby will recognize your heartbeat, warmth, smell and voice and will feel connected, sheltered and safe.

The advantages of carrying a baby or toddler in a Pure Baby Love baby wrap;
  • Skin-to- skin contact releases the hormone oxytocin. It is also called the “cuddle hormone”.  This hormone positively contributes to the bond between parent and child and to the feeling of happiness and joy. Besides, oxytocin stimulates the breast milk production.
  • A baby wrap reduces environmental stimuli. For example, think of a crowded party; parents can enjoy the party, while the newborn baby is safe, sitting or sleeping in his/her baby wrap.
  • A baby wrap can replace a buggy or can be a nice addition. You can easily take along and use a baby wrap in all kinds of situations. On the beach, during a walk in the forest, in public transport or in a crowded city. Impractical situations for a buggy, practical for a baby wrap.
  • The huge price difference; a nice buggy will cost you a couple of hundreds Euros, a nice and trendy baby wrap is much cheaper and available as from €75,-.
  • Research has shown that babies who are carried cry less than babies who are not carried. If your baby cries (a lot) it might feel more at ease in a baby wrap.
  • When carrying your baby you can use your hands to for example work, shop, clean the house etc. Always pay attention to safety! Check our safety instructions.
  • Carrying your baby contributes to the physical development of your baby; to the development of brains, organ of balance, hips and back. Your baby sits in the extremely natural ‘Frog position’ in an ergonomic baby wrap.
  • Even kids suffering from hip dysplasia can sometimes – always in consultation with your doctor – be carried without wearing spreading trousers. In addition, carrying has a positive effect on digestion and blood circulation and can even be helpful for kids suffering from reflux complaints and cramps.
  • Carrying your baby in a baby wrap is ergonomically responsible for the carrier him/herself as well. In case of doubt about medical complaints, always contact your doctor.
  • Carrying your baby or toddler on your arm is physically heavy. A baby wrap is much more comfortable, as you carry your baby close to your body.
  • If you breast-feed your baby, you can use the baby wrap to feed your baby discretely. You can wrap the baby wrap around you. For safety reasons we strongly advise you not to feed the baby in a tied wrap. Also s. our safety instructions. 

Not all parents are in seventh heaven from day one. A restless baby, a cry baby, insecure parents, (unasked) advices from your environment, unwanted pregnancy, postnatal depression etc. sometimes make it hard. Parents who don’t feel joy and happiness in the beginning might benefit from a baby wrap.

Do you have questions about carrying your baby? You can chat with our babywearing consultant on our website. 

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