What size baby sling do I need?

how do i determine the right size for a baby sling?

You are sure! You have decided to carry your baby in a baby sling. It’s a start, but what size baby sling do you need?

Woven baby sling

There are two types of baby sling, stretchy baby slings and woven baby slings. For stretchy baby slings only one size is available, as it only allows one tie. A woven baby sling allows all kinds of ties. They require various lengths.

Most sold size baby sling

Size 6 is the most sold size 6. On average it is 4.60m long and allows common ties. However, your basic size depends on your own figure. Important: the baby sling shouldn’t be too short as it would limit your possibilities.

Determine your basic size

The basic size is the required size to make common ties such as the Front Wrap Cross Carry, the first tie for your (newborn) baby. At the same time it is the basic size for various hip- and back ties. You determine your basic size on the basis of your clothing size.
  • Ladies up to size 36 / Men size 48 and smaller: your basic size is 5
  • Ladies size 38-42/ Men size 48-54: your basic size is size 6
  • Ladies size 44-50 / Men size 54 and up: your basic size is 7
  • Ladies size 52 and larger: your basic size is 8

When do I need one size bigger?

If several persons plan to carry the baby sling we recommend to pick the size that fits the largest person. It might be a larger size than your basic size. The extra cloth is no problem. You simply fold it over one more time or tie on another position.

Sometimes it is a conscious choice. If you prefer a belly tie for a Front Wrap Cross Carry, you need one size bigger.

For some double layered back ties such as the Double Hammock we recommend a bigger size. You will only use this tie once your baby is able to sit down itself.

There are even smaller and larger ring slings, right?

That’s right! You might deviate from your basic size. However, these sizes are less sold than sizes 5, 6 and 7. It’s usually a conscious choice, that allows a limited number of ties.

Size 2 and 3 are shorter and allow specific hip ties. Both sizes have limited possibilities.

Size 4 is often sold as ‘extra’ size. Although this ring sling is shorter than your basic size and allows limited possibilities, it is a nice ring sling for ties like Kangaroo Carry (belly) or Rucksack Carry (backpack). You can realise these ties with your basic size as well.

What ring sling sizes does Pure Baby Love offer?

Pure Baby Love has included most common sizes in its assortment. We have sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7 in stock, in almost every colour. Size 8 is available in dark grey.

Did you determine the right ring sling size?

Hopefully you managed to determine the right ring sling size on the basis of this information. Would you like to order your favourite colour sling right now? Click here

Are you not sure about the sling size? Pure Baby Love will be more than willing to assist you! Through our chat function you can contact our baby wearing consultant. She will react either immediately or within 24 hours (if she is offline). Feel free to contact us if you need more information about the right sling size

Lots of wearing pleasure!


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