Is it difficult to use a baby sling?

Is it difficult to tie a baby sling?

There is a short answer to this question: No, it is not that difficult. Actually, everyone can learn how to tie a baby sling. It’s like learning to ride a bike or how to tie your shoelaces: Practice makes perfect. Once you know the tricks, you will never forget how it works.

Do stretchy baby slings and woven baby slings have the same tie?

No, they have different ties. It is important to apply the right steps for the right product, to carry your baby safely. The tie in our instruction is only suitable for a woven baby sling. In 5 simple steps we will explain how to carry your baby on your belly (Front wrap cross carry).

I have read the instructions, but still have a problem.

Are you unable to tie the baby sling properly and safely? Please contact a babywearing consultant and request a consultation. In 1,5 hours you will learn how to tie a baby sling. After this consultation you will be fully able to carry your baby safely. It is impossible for us to fully describe the skills a babywearing consultant will teach you. Therefore, a consultation usually offers huge added value.

I would like to learn other ties, is that possible?

An stretchy baby sling only allows a belly tie (front wrap cross carry). A woven baby sling allows other ties, even for a newborn. On the internet you will find many films with different ties for woven baby slings. However, these films aren’t always complete. If you would like to learn new ties we recommend you to attend a workshop or contact a babywearing consultant.

Is it difficult to tie a ring sling?

No, it is not difficult. A ring sling is a simply way to carry your child quickly or for short moments. In our instruction you will find 7 simple steps to use the ring sling. Of course you can always turn to a babywearing consultant for advice. Sometimes all it takes is some simple tips!

Are you convinced you are able to tie a baby sling?

Click here to select your favourite baby sling colour. As soon as you receive it, you can immediately start practising. Still having problems? Contact a babywearing consultant in your immediate vicinity. Still not fully convinced yet? Visit a baby wearing consultant to try a baby sling.

Do you need assistance in choosing the right size for your baby sling? Check this blog for more information!

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