Special baby sling?


A frequently asked question? What sling is really suitable for a baby? What is the most comfortable baby sling? A stretchy or a woven sling? And what if I prefer a woven baby sling, which one should I buy?


Stretchy baby sling

A stretchy baby sling is available in various materials. It’s stretchy, just like stretchy t-shirts. The stretchy baby sling is suitable for newborns and is usually used until approx. 8 months, when children gain weight and many parents switch to a woven baby sling, baby carrier or stop carrying. In a stretchy sling you carry your baby on your belly.

A stretchy baby sling can usually be used for 1 child. If it has been used for an older child, it isn’t stretchy anymore.

Woven baby sling

Woven baby slings are made from a larger variety of fibres. A well-woven sling has no stretch length and width but does have diagonal stretch which make them mold beautifully around babys while still giving the needed support for safe back carries and heavier children. A woven sling is suitable for toddlers as well.

A woven baby sling is recommended for prematures and for babys with a reduced muscle tone. Of course preferably in combination with professional advice from a babywearing consultant.

Woven baby sling - cotton

Many woven baby slings are made of cotton. Cotton is easily washable, pretty elastic (depends on the brand) and extremely comfortable. 

Are you looking for a woven baby sling? Cotton would be the best choice: user-friendly, easily washable and strong (suitable for toddlers as well). 

Wove baby sling – cotton with  ...
... Bamboo. Cotton and bamboo in one baby sling make the sling elastic and soft. Bamboo is slightly stretchy, which makes it suitable as baby sling. However, bamboo is less strong for older children and therefore is less durable

... wool. Cotton and wool make the sling warm in winter and cool in summer. A nice property. However, woollen slings can itch. Not everyone likes it.

... Hemp. Cotton and hemp make a towel very strong, yet stiff at the same time. Hemp is less suitable as baby sling. A stiff towel must be “worn in”, which is not pleasant with a baby, fine for a toddler.

... Linen. Just like hemp, cotton and linen make a towel strong yet stiff. Less suitable for babies, pleasant for toddlers.

Maintenance woven baby sling
If you are looking for a baby sling, you probably want a maintenance-friendly sling. It’s the unexpected that always happens! You definitely need one that is easily washable. 100% cotton is most suitable!

Baby slings with blends (combination between cotton + another fibre) have special washing instructions: (cold) hand-wash and line dry. This makes it less suitable as baby sling, as you wish to use it again soon.

Would you like to read more about woven slings, check our blogs!

Soft baby sling

The ultimate baby sling is soft. Cuddly soft. After all, the sling should enclose you and shouldn’t cut. In general cotton is elastic soon. However, the various brands vary in terms of softness.

Price of a baby sling

Prices of baby slings vary. Stretchy slings are cheaper than woven ones, yet offer less possibilities at the same time.

Woven baby slings are available from €75,- . Some baby slings cost hundreds, or even thousands of Euros. The principle ‘the more expensive, the better’ is not applicable. After all, the quality of slings doesn’t depend on the price. The right weave, the right density and the used fibre quality are most important! 

Would you like to purchase a woven baby sling?

You should definitely consider the Pure Baby Love (PBL) sling! It’s the ultimate baby sling!

The PBL baby sling has a special weave, is the softest available on the market, is 100% safe, washable (40 degrees) and can even be put in the drier. In short: A lovely baby sling! It can be used for toddlers as well. This strong baby sling can carry children with a weight of 18kg. These slings are available in wonderful colours, at affordable prices!

Would you like to feel and try it first? Visit one of the sales outlets or contact one of these enthusiastic babywearing consultants

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