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Pure Baby Love & high quality
Pure Baby Love stands for high quality, super soft, safe, friendly to use and beautiful baby wraps. To meet our high standards, it is necessary to work with dedicated partners.
To be sure all our wraps meet our high standards, we recently have visited our production facilities. We have seen the impressive production process, from the beginning to the end. In every process people are working on our baby wraps with a lot of passion for the product.
To make beautiful baby wraps, it is necessary to spin the high quality cotton, dye the fabric in a safe way, especially for babies (meeting the OEKO-tex criteria), weave them in a special and safe way and check the fabric on quality.
The fabric of our baby wraps does not need any chemical finishing or washing to become super, super soft. It is soft of itself.
After this process, all fabric will be finished into baby wraps. After finishing the wraps, most of the loose threads will be removed.
Then the wraps are shipped to us. At our department we do another quick check of every wrap that is send out to our customers. This is a labor-intensive job, but we do it with love.

One of our goals is to make our customers happy with their purchase. We think a high quality product will meet these expectations.

So far we made a lot of customers happy with our Pure Baby Love wraps. And that's what we are doing it for! Happy parents and happy babies!

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Buidelbaby is in love again

  Ivette, draagconsulente van Buidelbaby     05/07/2015     Comments (0)

Buidelbaby is in love again ..
                                  Pure Baby Love ...
As a consultant it is wonderful to provide parrents with correct information about carrying their baby. Wearing your baby in ergonomic way is always one of the first items in my consultations. What is ergonomic babywearing?

  • When you support your baby knee to knee, and create a wide seat, you're already doing well.
  • The bottom of your child is so deeply into the seat and is lower than the knees. A nice M-attitude becomes visible.
  • The back is smooth, contains no hard parts, and the baby has a slightly curved back like in the womb.
  • Your baby is carried in upright position and always with the belly towards you, the only way you can guarantee an ergonomic position.
The last point is as a very important:
  • It's comfortable for both; parent and child.
When you buy a baby carrier, and taking the points mentioned above into account, you can see yourself whether you have an ergonomic baby carrier or not. Because wearing your baby should be nice and comfortable, for you, your partner and your baby. For everyone who wants to, it is possible to find the right carrier.
So many people, so many wishes.
Some ergonomic baby carriers: Marsupi, Manduca, Ergobaby, Bondolino, Emeibaby, Tula, Rose & Rebellion, Connecta, Boba. The right advice about carriers can be given to you by a babywearing consultant.
In the sling/wrap world there are a lot of possibilities...
Stretchable of woven? A blend? Different sizes? Patterns? Brands? Thickness?
Sling/Wrap? Ringsling? or Meitai?
I am a babywearing consultant since 2 years in the East part of Groningen (the Netherlands). After I bought my first sling, I did not understand why some people had so many ‘in stock’. You will understand ...right now I know what a ‘sling-addiction’is.
As a consultant it is good to try and see different brands and blends. Many brands and blends came into our house to try them and left again after trying. This makes it easier to give the right advice to parents. A baby carrier and sling is a very personal thing, some prefere a thick sling, others prefer more grip.
But if you start with babywearing there is definitely one very important thing:
The softness of the sling! Because you want to have the finest, softest and flexible sling that exists for your newborn.
Before I discovered Pure Baby love, my advice always was: find a nice used sling that has became soft by wearing. But not everyone wants to have a second hand sling, they prefer their own sling what is especially chosen for their son or daughter.
Fortunately Pure Baby Love came into my sight. Buidelbaby got the chance to test it and I was really amazed. They promise a soft sling as it is new, the sling is smooth and easy to tie. That is 100% right! What a lovely and soft sling!
This is what I was looking for; a brand that you can recommend new, and because it is a strong fabric, it is also very durable. I tested the sling with baby, toddler and preschool.
A new love, so I love to spread the word of Pure Baby Love! With this sling you can have a soft, fine and cozy babywearing period.
When you order through Buidelbaby, you also get free carrier tips!
Happy Parents, Happy Babies true Pure Baby Love!
Ivette Dijk, babywearing consultant

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Adoption & babywearing

  Diana     29/05/2015     Comments (0)

We asked Diana, one of our costumers, to write a blog for Pure baby love about carrying an adopted child.

My name is Diana, 26 years old and married for 6 years. Since February 2015 I am a proud mother of a beautiful son from Ethiopia. The adoption procedure took four years. In my work as a maternity nurse I work with newborns, and it is important to point out the bonding of the new born family member together with his/her father and mother. First of all we recommend breastfeeding because it promotes the natural adhesion. In some cases this is unfortunately not possible, or it is the parents choice to bottle-feed. In both cases I would like to point out to the parents that it is very important to have a lot of contact with their baby, by comforting and cuddling.

Personally, I always wanted to be mother, but by physical circumstances this is not possible for me. At work, I saw every day the marvelous process of childbirth and the days after. Especially the feeling of intentse intimate happiness is what I desired most. Carrying a baby in your belly, breast-feeding and keeping your child as close as possible with you. Giving it all the love it needs. My heart was full with love for a child.

Because of this childlessness my husband and I went looking for another way to form a family, and we decided pretty quickly, we wanted to go for adoption. Taking a child in our and live and hearts to give the love and care it needs.
In the preparation period we bought a babybath, pushchair, and other goodies. We would become a child between the age of 0 and 2 years. That's why we did not buy all small things, but general things that you can use for children that age.
What I absolutely wanted to add to the collection was a sling.
So I bought a stretchy sling at the time. The discription on the box mentioned you can use the sling with children up to 18kg!

During the preparation in the adoption proces we have received a lot of information and it was clear in the component bonding stoot out. Adopted children always have felt a moment of distance, in any way whatsoever. They are carried for 9 months by their mother who for whatever reason can not take care of her child. Then there comes a time in their life that they are placed in an orphanage or foster home. This is a division which invalidates the sense of security at once. You can imagine that this happening can be very anxious for most children. In orphanages the children are cared for their basic needs. They are fed, bathed and changed. There is no regular physical or social contact, so children often quickly turn themselves in.

That's why you are told as a "to be" adoptive parent; it is very important for children to approach them very cautious the first period and not to undertake to much visits and other small trips.

Children need to learn they get new parents who are always there for them, are reliable and they keep with them forever, whatever happens. This will not happen automatically, and certainly not in the first week. Rest and regularity are very important this first couple of weeks. This is something, you as a parent have to do yourself and not has to be done by any grandfather, grandmother or relative. 

So I wanted to take the sling as part of the adherence to Ethiopia when we were traveling to our then 11 month old son.
During our stay in Ethiopia I saw there weren't any strollers on the streets at all. All mothers carry their babies on their back. The roads and sidewalks are impossible to walk with a strawler. I was so very happy with my sling!

After 3 days we met for the first time I knotted him in my the sling and how convenient he felt that moment. He seemed to hear my heartbeat when he layed his head against my chest and let it rest there for a while.
We walked every day for at least an hour, and most of the time he already slept before we were out of the hotel room. What a true feeling of happyness!
We noticed that he found it very convenient to be close to me when he was tired, sad or had pain because of teething.
Getting used to each other went very well. You learn to know your child already has a life of its own with him, and you discover a lot of new things every day.

After 4 weeks, the forms were finalized and we were allowed to leave to the Netherlands. On arrival at the airport we were welcomed by a large group of family and friends. A wonderful and unforgetable moment.
Our son was seated convenient with his mom in the sling, and when he found it too busy, he layed his head back against my chest. I can tell you on thing, you feel rich!
I had my arms free to hug everyone and at the same time you have your greatest treasure very close to you.

At home we kept it a tradition walking with him every day in the sling, even at home. I often hug him briefly when he is in the sling.
A friend of mine sent me a message a woven wrap, might carry more powerful than a strechable one. I then started looking around, and bumped onto the webpage of Pure Baby Love.

There I saw a beautiful colored sling and I ordered after re-thinking a few times. The light blue one, reviews were good and I wanted to continue wearing for a long time.
Two days later he was already delivered and yes, he was very soft straight from the box. I directly practiced some knots and it was a lot more comfortable for sure!
Because our son already weighed 9kg already, the streachable sling slumped over time. With this cloth he remained seating good and I could walk longer with him.

We are now more than 2 months at home, and wear daily. Also, wearing on my back. My son loves it and becomes enthusiastic already when sees the cloth.
The bonding process is progressing is developing with small steps. Often you can see if the bonding proces went correct in a later period of time.
I am not prejudging the issues up front. But I do know for sure, the sling has a lot of value for me. He is getting used to my smell, breathing and voice, and vice versa, I can get to know him better when he is this close to me.
The love is so overwhelming, there is so much confidence and carrying your child close to your heart is the most valuable thing I can imagine. As an adoptive mother, I can not wear a baby in my belly, not breastfeed, but keeping him as close as possible to me is one thing I can do!

Through this blog I want to point out, you can also start wearing at a later age. There is a huge offer in carriers, slings and other ways to carry your baby. Are you (prospective) adoptive parent, also re-think of this way of transporting your child. The world is already very big, with so many impressions if getting a new life. Wearing is the safest way to connect with your child.

If you want more information you can reach me via Pure Baby Love (info@purebabylove.com)

Thank you Diana for writing such a nice expirience and story.

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Oxytocin, what does this have to do with babywearing?

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The hormone oxytocin has a very important role in the bond between parent and child. For a baby is touching one of the bare necessities. A baby that is not touched, grows less, developed less well and has a reduced resistance.
Oxytocin is produced in the brain. This hormone is stimulated under the influence of other hormones. Oxytocin promotes digestion, breathing, the nervous system, the uterine contractions and breastfeeding production. This hormone also has an analgesic effect.
Oxytocin is also called the cuddle-hormone. This hormone contributes to the bond between parent and child and to the feeling of joy and happiness.
Wearing your baby in a sling allows for an increase in this hormone, both the person who carries as the child that is worn. In the sling your child is also on kisses-height. What more do you want?
You can probably imagine, that all these positive effects of this hormone, contribute to the well-being of your baby. What's more beautiful to your child to wear him/her close to your heart to give love and boost the oxytocin level? 

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